Abby Hornacek

True Tales of Social Distancing

October 01 2020
Throughout the madness of the COVID-19 outbreak, Americans have seen the healthcare s...
Dr. Jeremy C. Smith

Molecular Biophysicist on the Frontline

October 01 2020
Even with drastic measures taken such as lockdown orders and social distancin...
Dr. Jo Jorgensen

American Individualism

October 01 2020
Meet the Libertarian candidate for president in 2020: “I’m running for president becaus...
Eric Shawn

Breaking the News

October 01 2020
While the role of the news media should be to inform the public through unbiased report...
Jeremy Jacobowitz

More Than Just a Meal

October 01 2020
Jeremy Jacobowitz, travel and food connoisseur and founder of Brunch Boys, headed over ...

It’s Good to Know

October 01 2020
In this time of uncertainty, sadness, uneasiness, and confusion, the masses have turned...
Laura Bell Bundy

Woman of Tomorrow

October 01 2020
Back in mid-March, it was the day after a party when Laura Bell Bundy woke up with a po...
Mark Cuban

America 2.0

October 01 2020
Owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, star of the long-running ABC reality show Shark Ta...
Mayor Eric Garcetti

Once an Angeleno, Always an Angeleno

October 01 2020
Like many leaders in our country, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti – who is a fou...
Mayor Francis X. Suarez


October 01 2020
Back in mid-March, Mayor Francis X. Suarez of Miami was only the second person in Miami...
Melissa Francis

New Lessons from the Prairie

October 01 2020
Experts have always warned that a pandemic would be inevitable, but the lack of prepare...
Neal Browning

A First Step

October 01 2020
In such a short period of time, the world may have come to a complete stop. Economies h...
Nikole Hannah-Jones

The 1619 Project: Why It Is As It Is

October 01 2020
Nikole Hannah-Jones has been a journalist for over twenty years, and in August 2...
Ozohu Adoh

Breaking the Barrier: Cocoon Oneself

October 01 2020
Ozohu Adoh is on a mission to improve skin-care for women of color, and her jour...
Sheriff Tony Childress

From Ride-Alongs to the White House

October 01 2020
Sheriff Tony Childress is nearing his 30th year in law enforcement in Livingston ...
Patrice C. Washington

Dear White People

October 01 2020
On May 29, 2020, personal-finance expert Patrice C. Washington shared on Instagram her ...
Sophie Jaffe

Her Philosophie: Unbounded Bliss and Balance

October 01 2020
At first glance, Sophie Jaffe seems like the woman who has it all – and ...