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noun   ci·vil·ian   \  sə-ˈvil-yən also -ˈvi-yən \

Definition of civilian

1: a specialist in Roman or modern civil law 

2a: one not on active duty in the armed services or not on a police or firefighting force 

b: outsider 


With its theme “Conscious Style,” CIVILIAN is a bi-monthly print/digital magazine with quality-art content featuring fashion, lifestyle, culture, and intimate dialogues.

CIVILIAN is a platform for everyone - to embrace people from all walks of life, regardless of race, ethnicity, educational background, religion, etc., so that each individual can feel encouraged to be who they are and fight all out to realize their goals and dreams. We feel it’s important for everyone to come together and unite at this time in society, instead of being suspicious of those who are different.

We profile 10+ influencers in each issue - from celebrities to professional athletes to business leaders to politicians to fashion designers to pop-culture stars - so when our audience reads the magazine, whatever they may be going through in their lives, this would encourage them to be the best version of themselves every single moment (which is always a tough inner battle against our lesser selves so we need comrades).

Publisher: Vanessa Ferrelli

Chief Digital Officer: Kristina Villarini

Editor-in-Chief: Sarah Goolden

Editorial Assistant: Hannah Dolin

Creative Director: Tim Morrison

Art Director: Tyon Weekes

Fashion Editor: Natalie Hemmati

Contributing Fashion Editor: Ty-Ron Mayes

Travel Editor: Thomas Wilmer

Politics Editor: Matt Anthes

Photo Editor: Ron Contarsy

International and Public Affairs: Tiffany Shorter

Director of Technology: JP Martinez

Senior Web Developer: Rebecca Koniahgari

Social Media Strategist: Muyang Morfaw

VP, Brand Partnerships: Makaila Kay Ho

Event Director: Catherine Ho

Media Producer: Christian Ochoa-Diaz

Legal Counsel: Jeff Ostrow

1 West Las Olas Blvd., Suite 500

Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301

T. 954-525-4100