Beth Behrs

Let’s Get Vulnerable, Y’all

December 31 2020
Starring Beth Behrs as Gemma Johnson, Season Three of The Neighborhood premiered on Nov...
Dexter Darden

So I’m Hoping This Poem Will Make You Reflect

December 31 2020
Movies have been slow to come out of Hollywood this year, but Dexter Da...
Governor Asa Hutchinson

Making History in Arkansas

December 31 2020
In 1982, at the age of 31, Asa Hutchinson became the youngest U.S. attorney in the coun...
Governor Larry Hogan

Through Perseverance, A Leader Rises

December 31 2020
On the banks of the Chesapeake Bay, a deep-blue state had elected the second Rep...
Kelianne Stankus

Feels Like 2021

December 31 2020
TikTok has taken the world by storm over the past year and continues to catapult indivi...
Maggie Lindemann

Paranoia of Change

December 31 2020
Singer-songwriter Maggie Lindemann has changed her sound dramatically. Since starting h...
Mayor David Holt

Driving Change in Oklahoma City

December 31 2020
“Most political candidates write off half the population. I wanted to be a mayor for...
Mayor Emily Larson


December 31 2020
Mayor Emily Larson of Duluth, who is a snowboarder and ice climber, likes pushing herse...
Mayor Michael B. Hancock

From Huddles to Mile High Mayor

December 31 2020
In 2003, Michael B. Hancock was elected to the Denver City Council. His experience a...
Maz Jobrani

Axis of Maz

December 31 2020
In today’s ever-evolving, and often-tumultuous, social and political landscape of Ameri...
Shaunette Renée Wilson


December 31 2020
If you’re familiar with the work of Shaunette Renée Wilson, you most likely recognize t...
Governor Gretchen Whitmer

Big Gretch: Genuine, Focused, and Confident

December 31 2020
Having earned the nickname of Big Gretch in Detroit and on social media, Gretchen Whitm...
Representative Carolyn B. Maloney

A Trailblazing Congresswoman of Firsts

December 31 2020
Born in North Carolina and raised in Virginia, Carolyn B. Maloney visited New York City...
Reverend Al Sharpton

The First Al Sharpton

December 31 2020
It takes a stalwart champion to commit to a lifetime of hard work: relentlessly serving...
Adam Waheed

Tribes to Thrive

December 31 2020
Tribes to Thrive We have seen him in TRIBES, the critically-acclaimed comedic short film, and on ...
Russell Tovey

Talk Inspiration

December 31 2020
In mid-March, when the pandemic spread at the global level and lockdowns took effect, t...
Eric Bellinger

Man In The Mirror: Term 3

December 31 2020
It’s been said that music can be the best medicine. In a time when people are looking f...