Andrew Hawkins

The Man with a Plan

March 01 2019
“Anything you do, work hard is the first pillar,” says Andrew Hawkins, who came into th...

Young and Ambitious

March 01 2019
As a 18-year-old living in California, the biggest challenge that Zhavia (she goes by Z...
Wyclef Jean

Taking the Leap

March 01 2019
“If you want to know the DNA of an artist, you’ve got to see how they started. I studie...
Sam Page

When They Say Action, You Deliver

March 01 2019
“I want to always be learning something from somebody, whether it's the other actors, t...

Constructing Expectations: La Politique des Auteur

March 01 2019
Every work of art speaks to some part of its creator. Sometimes, that is intentional – ...
Mj Rodriguez

Liberated Woman

March 01 2019
For any aspiring singer, actor, or performer, New York City is arguably the ultimate en...
Lily Allen

Her Thoughts Exactly

March 01 2019
Lily Allen has graced us with her strong and bold presence in the music industry for ov...
Lamar Johnson

Toronto Native, Lamar Johnson Opens Up about His Life and Career

March 01 2019
“The work is your truth, and everything will go the right way. Always be willing to lea...
Kristina Bazan

Dream Curator

March 01 2019
“I love a challenge! Every dream, every goal has a challenge that comes along with it,”...

Kirstin Maldonado Redefined

March 01 2019
Pursuing a career in the music industry is the modern-day equivalent to an Olympic spor...
Jordan Fisher

A Star on Many Fronts

March 01 2019
“I got bit by the bug, it was pretty immediate,” recalls Jordan Fisher on his love for ...
Jay Williams

Dream Deferred

March 01 2019
“I made a very poor business decision. I made a very poor life decision, but it’s also ...
Janel Parrish

Creating the New Normal

March 01 2019
“Everyone is equal, no matter what,” says Janel Parrish – who was born to a father of E...
Iskra Lawrence

The Power: Absolutely Positively Beautiful

March 01 2019
The Power: Absolutely Positively Beautiful Iskra Lawrence is so much more than a pretty face: a ...
Derek Hough

Internal Rhythm and Beat in Him

March 01 2019
“I was tied around my ankles and hung up in a tree, and went to six different schools i...
David Cook

Never Want to be Defined

March 01 2019
It's a rainy morning in mid-November, and a day off for David Cook on his acoustic tour...
Abla Sofy

Moroccan Dreams, American Reality

March 01 2019
American fashion’s “it” girl Abla Sofy is making waves as the first Arab model to repre...